Sponsor a Horse

We are currently running four sponsorship programs – all are to support horses in long-term care.

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Becoming a sponsor offers you the chance to change the life of one of these horses.

Our Golden Oldies program cares for non-riding horses, particularly the older ones who have only a small chance of being adopted – even if they are in good health. These horses are often with us for many years. We don’t ever want to have to turn away these beautiful souls who just want to love and be loved like any other horse.

Our Track to Hack program helps ex-racehorses be rehabilitated and retrained for a new life. Our Track to Hack horses often come to us injured or broken down or perhaps they just weren’t successful.  They may be ex-broodmares or have never even raced.  One thing they all have in common is that they need to be rehabilitated and retrained before they can be adopted – and this usually takes at least 12 months.

Our Pony Preschool cares for young horses and helps them right through to starting under saddle, if necessary.

Our Mums 'n’ Bubs program has been developed to nurture pregnant mares and their foals once born so they can receive the best start in life.

The costs involved in keeping our Golden Oldies , Track to Hack, Preschool horses and Mums 'n' Bubs in absolute comfort whilst they are in care – warm rugs, full bellies and every possible treatment to keep them physically comfortable – are high.  This puts a lot of strain on our funds and restricts us from taking in new horses in need.  Becoming a sponsor offers you the chance to change the life of one of these horses.

Your monthly sponsorship choices are: