Pony Preschool

One of the most wonderful things about horse rescue is saving a foal.  Often these rescues are extremely time consuming, labour intensive and emotionally draining in a literal fight for survival.   Sadly, we have found that once we have moved that foal on from sometimes what is a very traumatic start, they are difficult to rehome.  It seems younger, unstarted and untried horses are not terribly popular in the adoption stakes.

This means that we will often have a foal in care from early days right up until they are ready to be started under saddle.  These guys deserve the best possible chance at a forever home and being adopted as a riding horse is often the only option.

If you would like to support our younger horses get their best possible start in life and help them through Pony Preschool, please consider a sponsorship.  From just $10 a month, you can help teach a youngster everything they need to know to be the best they can be.