Golden Oldies

Many of the horses we take into care have injuries or are advanced in years.  Generally, non-riding horses, particularly the older ones, have only a small chance of being adopted – even if they are in good health.

We don’t want to turn away these beautiful souls but it means that we have to find long-term accommodation and the funding to provide them with everything they will ever need to keep them comfortable for as long as they remain with us.

Some of the horses on this page will remain with us until their last breath.

All of our Golden Oldies are looking for sponsors.  Every donation is fully tax deductible and makes sure they always have full bellies and every little requirement catered for.  Every sponsor receives a sponsorship certificate and the opportunity to sign up for the regular Golden Oldies email update.

You can make changes to your regular sponsorship by logging into your account.    If you need help,  please contact us.

Please note, we reserve the right to utilise these funds in whatever way is required and to the most urgent need at the time.  We will make every effort to notify you of changes regarding your sponsored horse, although sometimes it may not be possible.   For whatever reason, we may need to change your sponsored horse.  You can freely make changes to your sponsorship, including the horse you sponsor by logging into your account.

Please scroll down to click on the horses and read their stories.