Nov 3, 2019

Place your bet on a sure thing

Place your bet on a sure thingBack A Winner Cup Challenge is a fundraising initiative to assist Save A Horse Australia in caring for and rehabilitating horses that have retired injured from racing. We currently have a number of Off The Track horses in our Track 2 Hack Program. Making a donation or signing up for sponsorship on Melbourne Cup day helps us achieve our rehabilitation goals in the hope that these magnificent horses get the retirement and care they deserve.

Give a little, help a lot.

To donate directly:

BSB: 084-852
Acc: 189538671

Or check out our Ways to Give page.

Ways to Give

Collective Responsibility... Brings Collaborative Change!

This Melbourne Cup day be a part of the change. Bet on changing a life for the better. Back a certain future. Share the work we do, become a voice for the voiceless, and be the catalyst of positive change for every racehorse in Australia.

Your donations are guaranteed to assist with the ongoing rehabilitation of the horses we have in care and to help us continue to rescue and secure the future for many other horses in need.

If you don't want to be a part of 'The Cup' that's okay! How can you be apart of the change?

Gather your mates and work colleagues, turn your betting bucks into a tax deductible donation to Save A Horse Australia.

Start a collection tin, run a virtual sweep with one of the many horses on our website, hold a luncheon, run an in-house raffle or simply donate your morning coffee ... Every little bit counts towards a brighter future for those racehorses who didn't get the ending they deserved but were lucky enough to walk through the Save A Horse Australia gates.

By supporting Save A Horse Australia this 'Cup Day' you are standing with the horses, those that had lost all hope but deserve a better future. Take this gamble, you won't regret it!

Download the Place your bet on a sure thing (pdf) flyer.

Download the Collective Responsibility (pdf) flyer.

Visit our Ways to Give page to make a donation.

Ways to Give

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