Mare Sprint Quarterhorse


A little bit about me...


Annie, along with four other horses, was abandoned in a paddock and left to starve. When we went to rescue her, she was so weak and dehydrated she couldn't walk up the ramp into the float. She collapsed at the foot of the tailgate and was practically carried onto the float. She was so close to death, we honestly didn't think she would make it. She had given up. She went down a number of times and refused to get up or even eat. Her future looked bleak. After a week of struggling, lots of medication, supplements, TLC and the comfort of her soul mate, Lordy, Annie finally started to turn the corner. She was completely unhandled - had no idea how to even lead; rugging and fly masks would send her into a panic. Today she has recovered physically but mentally She still has moments of nervousness and can tend to be hard to handle on some days but she is happy best left in her herd.

Annie will live her days out in our care

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Further info

Date Arrived: 01 January 14

Year Foaled: 1995

Height: 15hh

Sex: Mare

Breed: Sprint Quarterhorse


Tetanus, Strangles, Hendra

Medical Notes / Treatments:

Microchipped, Teeth, Feet, Wormed, Chiropractic

Adoption Cost: N/A

Care Facility: Beaudesert , Queensland

Status: Long Term Care