Mare Mixed


A little bit about me...


Ashlyn was rescued from the doggers. She did not make the re-homing list because of a badly damaged hoof, however a pregnancy scan revealed she was in foal. Ashlyn had permanent damage to her hoof - it seems she had a serious injury which was not treated and X-rays showed that her fetlock was fused. She was fitted with corrective shoes and given supplements to help keep her sound. She foaled a beautiful, healthy filly who was named Cassidy. Due to the damage in Ashlyn's fetlock and hoof, she was not rehomeable. We always knew the time would come when we would not be able to keep her sound and we had to face the day when her treatments were just not keeping her painfree anymore.

Further info

Date Arrived: 25 March 15

Year Foaled: 2003


Sex: Mare

Breed: Mixed

Vaccinations: Tetanus, Strangles, Hendra

Medical Notes / Treatments: Microchipped, Teeth, Feet, Wormed, Chiropractic

Adoption Cost: N/A

Care Facility: Minden Sanctuary, Queensland

Status: Rainbow Bridge