Adoption Application

Note: Please complete all questions and boxes. Failure to complete all required parts of the form will mean that your application will not submit. On successful lodgement of your form, you will be directed to a thank you confirmation page. If you do not proceed to the thank you page, please check your form for errors and resubmit. You will also receive a confirmation email including a copy of your application. If you don't receive this, your form has not been received.

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Your Details

We currently only adopt to residents of Queensland, NSW, ACT & Victoria.

Your Preferences

Please read the assessment for the horse you are interested in. If you are a beginner rider please do NOT apply for a horse that has been listed as not for beginners. Your application will not be considered.

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Your Property

Please give specific descriptions of your property.

Your Experience

Note that beginners who apply for horses listed as not for beginners will not be considered.

Your Referees

Please provide details of two referees who can support your application and advise on your experience or abilities and suitability to adopt (not related to you). Preference is given to a coach, instructor, vet or farrier.

Maximum file size is 50mb

By submitting this form I agree to the following:

  • I understand that many rescue horses are special needs animals and can require more care than a well-loved horse;
  • I understand that aged horses need extra care and love due to their old age and they may need supplements for their joints and have a special diet;
  • I understand that horses cannot be left in a paddock to just eat grass and that they need to be fed hay or hard feed, depending on the type of horse. (This includes paddock companions that are not being ridden).
  • I am prepared to allow a property inspection or supply photographs of the property;
  • I am aware that horses are a herd animal and preference is given to homes where there are other horses or I am prepared to adopt more than one animal;
  • I understand that horses require constant care and I will commit to undertake all veterinary and husbandry requirements for this horse and cover all costs associated with ongoing care and treatment if successful - I understand this includes regular worming, vaccinations, dentals and farrier;
  • I understand the horse will not be used for breeding and cannot be sold or given away;
  • I understand that submitting an expression of interest does not commit me to the adoption process and that a selection process is in place to select the most suitable applicants for the individual horse;
  • I understand that submitting an expression of interest does not guarantee I will be successful.
  • I am aware that I must pay for transportation to collect my horse if adoption is successful;
  • I have not been found guilty of any animal welfare or care related offence.