Donating is one way you can help the horses and give them not only a safe haven and a loving environment but a place where they are given the time to heal and be rehabilitated.



Donating is one way you can help the horses and give them not only a safe haven and a loving environment but a place where they are given the time to heal and be rehabilitated but with this comes a huge cost and making sure we have the much needed funds to provide feed, supplements, medical treatments when they are ill, have their feet trimmed and their annual dentals and vaccinations.

Many of our rescue horses have now been rehabilitated but are waiting on their forever homes to come along but we still need to provide and care for them until this happens.

With your help we can continue with making sure many others will also experience the feeling of being loved and cared for and never feel hungry again.


All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


You can choose to do a one-off or a regular monthly donation.  

If you are interested in sponsoring a particular horse, please click here.

One Time Donation

If you would like to make a regular recurring donation, please scroll down to see the setup options.

We know that not everyone is able to commit to a regular donation. However, when you make a single donation, you are helping us to pay our every day expenses, including vet, farrier, feed and transport. Please choose an amount and proceed through to the online checkout to receive your automatic receipt. Payment options include Credit Card, PayPal and Direct Deposit (direct deposit – Australia only).

Recurring Donation by Credit Card

When you set up a donation on a regular basis, you help us to rescue and rehabilitate even more horses. Having regular donations coming in helps us to plan and know that our invoices can be covered. It lets us concentrate on the horses and not stress about the bills. Running three sanctuaries means our ongoing costs are enormous and ever increasing.

Please note that you can login and pause or cancel your donation whenever you choose. If you have any queries regarding donating or recurring payments please contact us.

Save A Horse Australia is a registered charity and deductible gift recipient. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Recurring Donation from your Bank Account

You can elect to set up your own recurring payment directly from your bank account to ours. Due to the nature of electronic banking, we are unable to issue automatic receipts and if you require a receipt at the end of the financial year, please email us with all of your details.  We can only provide a receipt for bank deposits if requested.

Set up a monthly payment from your bank account to ours (within Australia only).

Deposit to our account:

Save a Horse Australia
National Australia Bank

Please use your surname and “donation” as the reference – e.g. – YOURNAMEdonation

**IMPORTANT NOTE:  Keep your on-line transaction record.  SAHA is unable to issue receipts for donations paid directly into this account unless you contact us.  If you require an official receipt, please use either credit card or Paypal payment options or email us **

Basic donation options